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State of Mind Counselling

Dyadic Therapy

Age Range: Children

Dyadic therapy, where parent and infant/young child are treated together, addresses all levels of these interacting factors: the parent’s health and needs, the baby’s health and needs, their relationship, and their family system— all within an understanding of their culture. Because babies are completely dependent, parents must meet their physical and emotional needs, which means that caregivers must be physically, emotionally, and mentally resourced to attune to and be in sync with their nonverbal infants.

Dyadic therapy helps parents meet their own psychological and practical needs so they can be fully attuned to their children. The quality of the parent/child relationship has everything to do with secure attachment and emotional regulation,1, 2 which support the critical first two years of brain development.3,4

As a result of the dyadic therapy process, parents can expand their sensitivity to their young children as well as how they respond. When we identify and treat these dyads early, we create positive outcomes for both the parent and baby—and a more joyful experience of child-rearing and childhood along the way.

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