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State of Mind Counselling

Parental Consultation and Counselling

Age Range: Children, Adolescents, & Adults

No matter your walk of life, no one is immune to the kinds of challenges that come with being a parent. Here are just some of the issues that can arise

  • Life stage transition (new parents/moms)
  • Postpartum depression
  • Juggling parenting with returning to work
  • Infant bonding issues
  • Attachment and relationship building
  • Parenting/Child Conflict
  • Parenting difficult behaviours
  • Parenting neuro-divergent children
  • Divorce or separation transitions
  • Extended family or in-law involvement/conflicts
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity issues in the child
  • Teen & parent conflict
  • “Empty nest” challenges
  • Adult-child and parent relationship issues

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